My name is Suzanne Whalen-DeLuca.  I am 43 years old, we live in Montgomery County, PA and I am the author of this blog.  

Now that all the fussy stuff is out of the way, you can call me Sue.  I am sitting right now in my first solo apartment, well not really solo if you count the two biological daughters and the two sons who this their home too.  Oh and let’s not forget my daughter’s dog, Bailey, aka the piranha, and my two dogs, Scooby, aka Boo, and Miss Ava.

I am the mother of four daughters, Kat, 19, Gabby, 17, Mia, 13, and Izzy, 10.  There are also two sons who claim me as their mom, Dan, 26, and Chris, 18, add in my boyfriend, Bob, and his three children, Bobby, 10, Lizzy, 10, and Sarah, 8, and that brings my current family total up to 11.  We are a unit but still struggling to become a family.